OTTER pocket knife 07 unlocking mechanism Sapeli wood

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  • 07-MSR-O11
This knife is a true classic . It is characterized by its straight lines and practicality,... more

This knife is a true classic. It is characterized by its straight lines and practicality, attributes that have been highly appreciated in agriculture over time. This is also the area its name came from: the emergency butcher.
The handle is made of Sapeli wood. The unlocking mechanism for the pocket knife is located at the end of the handle. When pressing the lever, the blade unlocks and can then be folded in.
The ends, tang, lever and rivets of the emergency butcher knife are made of brass and give it a harmonious look. The blade is available in a stainless or carbon steel option. Anyone looking for a utility knife would choose carbon steel for its longer durability and edge-holding capacity, as well as its ease of re-sharpening. The non-corrosive / stainless steel is more resistant to moisture and does not leave any residual metal taste.

blade C75 / 4034
handle sapeli
blade length  ca. 100 mm
handle length ca. 125 mm
weight ca. 130 g

 Made in Solingen, Germany.