KLEOS BUNKA knife suminagashi VG10 Hybride wood

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  • VT-EMSumiVG10-B01
exceptional and perfectly balanced chef's knife with an ultra sharp blade made of Suminagash... more

exceptional and perfectly balanced chef's knife with an ultra sharp blade made of Suminagash VG10 Damascus.

Not only visually is this chef's knife exceptional. The Suminagashi VG10 steel provides exceptional sharpness combined with original aesthetics. It consists of a very hard (61HRC) VG10 core covered on both sides by 33 layers of non-hardened stainless steel. This composition gives the blade ferfect suppleness and guarantees you exceptional cutting quality and edge retention.
In addition to the noble blade, the chef's knife impresses with its handle made of hybrid wood. Hybrid wood consists partly of wood and partly of dyed acrylic resins or expository resins. The result is a homogeneous and aesthetic surface.

After five years of training at CFAI and at Atelleir Perceval's forge, ALEXIS DEBRIENNE set up his own business and founded his company KLEOS in Thiers, the "knife capital" of France, in 2021.

He drew and designed his first models. Meticulous and demanding, Alexis strives above all for aesthetics and quality. From the choice of materials and steels to the production of his knives. He supervises and controls everything himself, so no detail is left to chance. As a perfectionist, it is important to him that the customer is satisfied.

Blade Suminagashi VG10 HRC 61
Handle: Hybrid wood with resin resin
with screws with mother-of-pearl inlay
Total length 29 cm
handle 11,5cm
Blade 17,5 cm
Blade thickness: 2,5mm