PERCEVAL Adret Steak knives Set of 2 Ironwood

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  • ADRBF-F33
"Adret" comes from the old french "Adrecht" , skilful, good sides of things; which nowadays... more

"Adret" comes from the old french "Adrecht", skilful, good sides of things; which nowadays designates the south hillside of a mountain.
Real technological revolution, the 14C28N steel, doped with nitrogen, makes the sharp edge accessible to everyone.

Dimensions: 228 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm
Weight: 90 g

Dimensions: 108 mm x  20 mm x 2,5 mm
Semi-stainless steel 14C28N (Sandvik) - cryogenic treatment
Rockwell hardness: 59 HRC
Slow-ground and polished using traditional techniques with scoured buffalo leather.

Dimensions: 118 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm
Material:  Ironwood

The Ironwood from Arizona (Olneya tesota or Palo Fierro), one of the flagship materials at Perceval, belongs to the Fabaceae family. It can not be worked until it died in a natural way and dried on site for about 3000 years. It's a semi-fossil wood naturally dark with well marked veins. This wood comes from the Petrified Forest of Arizona, inscribed on the Tentative List of World Heritage in 2008.

Perceval table knives are not dishwasher safe!
100% made in France